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Eco inspectors

Eco inspectors

Our Eco Inspection equipment is based on the use of straight through equipment, intelligent programming and where possible the use of recycled parts. This way of designing and engineering helps protecting the environment.

Rosario Base & Finish Eco-Inspector, model BF

eco-inspectorThe Rosario Eco inspector is very economically priced. We are convinced that this period of climbing out of a global economical dip is THE MOMENT to introduce our brand new and very attractive Eco-Inspector. The following defects will be detected on round and non-round glass containers.

Protect the environment

With your cooperation we wish to protect the environment!

Take a look at our ECO machinery:

Technical specifications


  • Stones
  • Line over finish
  • Chips
  • Overpressed finish
  • Blisters (internal + surface)


  • Seed/blisters near surfaces
  • Oilmarks
  • Spikes
  • Stones
  • Dirt/foreign matter
  • Birdswing in the base
  • Fused glass
Optional equipment:

  • Mould Number Reader
  • Dot Code reader on heel or Alphanumeric
  • Code reader on bottom

Technical specifications:

  • 2 CCD cameras, 1300 pixels, in protective housing
  • Industrial PC
  • Touch screen 19” full colour
  • Windows based software
  • Strongly constructed double belt-driven handling/unit made for easy and quick adjustment to suit an article shape and/or dimension.
  • Smallest detectable defect : 0,5mm