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Eco packers

Eco packers

Rosario c2c developed the Eco Packer to help you to upgrade your production line at a low investment.

Like the rest of our line of products, the Eco Packer is robust and yet very simple to install and operate, while a unique drive and scissor mechanism maintain perfect vertical stacking everytime. The Eco Packer will stack standard 1000 x 1200 mm pallets, as well as custom sizes, up to 2400 mm high at 1,5 layers per minute.

  • The Eco Packer is shipped completely assembled. All you have to do is to install it in a suitable location, plug the power in and start palletizing.
  • Simple to install and truly user friendly to maintain and operate.
  • A set of spare parts is included in the package.
  • FREE technical advice from our engineering department regarding installation procedures and lay-out planning of your new Ecopacker in your factory.
  • FREE Technical support and after sales services are available to ensure flawless operation, and make your investment profitable

Protect the environment

With your cooperation we wish to protect the environment!

Take a look at our ECO machinery:

Rosario PA60 Palletizer


All Rosario palletizers can be supplied as de-palletizer, which can be in installed at the start of your for instance decorating-, labeling- or resorting line.

The Rosario PA60 palletizer is based on the Eco Packer with the possibility to automate palletizing by adding a:

Lane divider


2-Row stacker


Layer divider


Pallet Conveying Systems


Carton feeder

  • Pallet dispenser
  • and other optional equipment